I traveled to Europe a few weeks ago. I spent some time in the Netherlands and Germany. I love the chance to experience different cultures and different lifestyles other than my own. Unfortunately, the grind of our day-to-day lives forces us to think that we are the center of the universe. When in fact, we are just a small one in a billion.

You see, how I do and experience things is not necessarily how you do and experience things. And just because someone else is different does not make me right and them wrong or vice-a-versa. My upbringing, background, education, and experiences allow me to see things through my lens. But I desire to see things from yours as well.

It is important for us to try to understand why others think and do the things that they do, especially in business. How else do you expect to make sales or impact your target market if you are not exercising a great level of empathy? And how do you really know if you are making a customer happy unless you ask and find out?

We live in a global society where everyone's perspective is different. It's up to us (as we look to advance our careers and businesses) to embrace diversity and perspectives that we encounter on a daily basis.  And I highly encourage a trip abroad sooner rather later. Being immersed in a different culture will allow you to see the world through an entirely different lens.

”As a leader, you should always start with where people are before you try to take them where you want to go.”~Jim Rohn

Peter A. JamesComment