Is Your Cup Too Full?

Self-awareness allows one to recognize their own opportunities for growth. It also allows us to recognize our deficiencies - areas in which we can improve. But many individuals, including many leaders, are not self-aware. They are not able to recognize or receive constructive criticism or recommendations. And as a result, they remain in a fixed pattern of life - a fixed mindset.

Here's a better analogy. Your mindset is like a glass of water. It's either filled to the top or half-full. The full glass is that of a fixed mindset. This is the individual whose cup is so full that there is no more room for growth. They are unable to open themselves up to opportunities to become a better leader, professional, employee, spouse, parent, sibling, or citizen. Instead, he or she believes that they understand everything fully. 

But the glass half-full is likened to an individual with a growth mindset. He or she believes that there is always more room for growth. There is always an opportunity to improve oneself or to learn more from anyone. As a result, this individual prepares themselves for more opportunities to grow in all aspects of life, to include their career and business.

On any day of the week, I would rather be the glass-half-full individual who is always ready to learn more. I never want to be the individual who thinks he knows so much that he can't learn anymore. As you head into another week and as you aim to finish the year strong, look to be more self-aware and recognize how and where your mindset stands. Truth be told . . . no one expects you to know everything. Stop acting as if you do.

It’s not about money or connections—it’s the willingness to outwork and outlearn everyone. And if it fails, you learn from what happened and do a better job next time. ~ Mark Cuban

Peter A. JamesComment